• Budgeting & Forecasting: completed through financial modeling to see how the business might perform with certain strategies, plans, and economic conditions. 

  • Business Operations: incorporates cash flow management, infrastructure development, management information systems, and process & procedures development. 

  • Business Financing: the assessment of debt and equity capital, as well as aiding in communication with  lenders and equity holders. 

  • Business Planning: the development of strategic (long and short term) financial planning that incorporates financial analysis, economic forecasting, and budgets.​

While the above points are broad, there are 3 key fundamentals:

  1. Managing and Forecasting Cash

  2. Identifying and assessing risk with prepared plans to mitigate these risks

  3. Understands the things that make this industry unique.

Kistner understands there are many different solutions designed to help companies achieve success. This knowledge is from working as a lender for 19 years and as an industry consultant for over 10.  Jeff’s expertise is through the collection, monitoring and analysis of  information for best business practices.

Flag Leaf is the upper most leaf on a cereal grain that provides protection and protein for maximum yield. 

In 2008, we determined that we wanted to provide similar services to businesses, just like the protection and increased yield a flag leaf provides for a plant.  It still remains our focus today.  The core protection and protein we provide is: